Monday, January 19, 2009

TV Knitting-----

I've pretty much decided that I need to watch more TV. And it is the kind of tv that I need to give some attention to........... not zone out while I cable, or seed, or knit in any manner if the truth be told. I need more hours in the day if I am to work and knit/quilt! Like 24 hours a day to catch up and keep caught up. And the funny thing is that normally I am not a TV head at all!!! Good grief there is a busy studio to run and brides to take extraordinarily good care of----- is there no sense of decency that Jack is back? After almost two years 2*4 is back with a vengeance and I'm hooked! Or that Miss A*merica is this Friday night (brownies and beer, here I come)---- or even that I am three weeks behind on On*e Life to L*ive? It is not a secret that I have loved the Red C*arpet shows from the big award shows since the days my daughter and I held court in the king sized with popcorn to throw and fun to be had. I believe I had a cocktail or two but that is beside the point. Lately we've had the G*olden G*lobes which were great (and what WAS R*enee Zell*weiger wearing???) and others to follow rapidly on their heels. Another poorly kept secret is my love for A*merican I*dol (Love me some almost local boy David C*ook!)------ and this year promises to be a great season!

New to love is F*ringe, and then there is Big*gest L*oser, shall we add A*mazing R*ace, or C*elebrity A*pprentice? Puh-leeze! Gray's and Private and N*ip T*uck........... sigh. What is a girl to do??????? I haven't mentioned my deep love for Ina and Nigella------ and that the Housewives and Brother*s and Sisters are must see's.

Up next------ woo hoo the C*ardinal's are heading to the S*uperbowl, and may B*altimore fans forgive me I'm glad they aren't making the trip. I must confess as much as it is sometimes fun to meet new brides and their families at the plethora of wedding shows on the schedule this time of year, I am very glad that there is not a wedding show coming up this Sunday so I can watch the game with family and friends. And eat wings. Oh, and drink beer. I will probably KNIT too!


The funny thing is that with the TV I do love and watch (even when I have to fly through on TiVo), I don't watch many of the crazy bride shows. They've gotten ridiculous and too far over the top to be anything but wildly annoying to me. I get enough of that crap at work.... y'know? :)

Now where is my remote?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can imagine the bride shows would be a trial. I quit watching trauma shows for the same reason. It was like PTSD for me - who needs it?!

Happy knitting - we agree about that, too.

jen duncan said...

It's so true! There's just not enough hours in the day to watch my shows. Thank goodness for dvr tho. I get to save a LOT of time zipping through commercials.
It's a glorious day today!!!